Subdivison Services Auckland

Having an experienced Auckland subdivision professional by your side throughout the subdivision process significantly enhances the likelihood of a successful, stress-free project. We understand the council's requirements, know the best contractors for your reports, and can guide you on the most effective sequence of project events.
Subdivision involves legally splitting land or buildings into distinct parts that can then be sold or allocated to different owners. Once your subdivision plan and resource consent are approved, LINZ will examine the legal and technical aspects to ensure compliance. Upon their approval, you'll receive official titles for each individual section within your subdivision

To maximize your property's potential, your subdivision should incorporate housing plans that demonstrate how the homes will align with the sizes and layouts of the new lots.

Steps of Subdivison

  • Feasibilty Assessment

    Step 1

    Review council property file Review record of title/s Topographical survey Planning assessment Engineering assessment Design risks + opportunities Concept plans

  • Financial Analysis

    Step 2

    We recommend clients obtain a financial analysis for the project to ensure its successful completion.

  • Design and Develop

    Step 3

    Geotechnical report Design options + refinement CCTV Confirm designs, planning + engineering

  • Resouce Consent

    Step 4

    Engineering design + reports, servicing, driveway, detention tanks, earthworks etc Specialist input (ecology, hydrogeology, heritage) Building revision if required Environmental assessment Application to Council

  • Engineering Plan Approval

    Step 5

    Provide detailed design to meet Council, Watercare + AT standards Review of design by chartered professional Engineer Submit EPA application

  • Civil and Building

    Step 6

    Project management Engaging civil contractors Connection applications Construction monitoring Inspections + practical completion

  • Legal

    Step 7

    Consult with a lawyer to action the application with LINZ

3 Forms of Subdivision

Freehold/Fee Simple

Freehold ownership refers to the complete and indefinite ownership of a property and the land on which it stands, without the restrictions or expirations typical of leasehold properties.

Unit Title

Individual ownership of a unit or apartment within a multi-unit complex, along with shared ownership of common areas such as hallways, elevators, and amenities.

Cross Lease

Multiple people own an undivided share in the land and lease their specific house or unit from the other landowners under a long-term lease.

Who Need Subdivision

Getting the most from your property To maximise your property's potential, your subdivision should include housing plans to illustrate how the housing will correspond with the sizes and layouts of the new lots. A well-thought-out subdivision design with housing plans enables the creation of more dwellings and lots compared to a "vacant lot" subdivision that only provides empty sections without housing. While the AUP (Auckland Unitary Plan) sets minimum lot sizes for "vacant lot" subdivisions, it does not specify any minimum lot sizes for subdivisions that include new dwellings simultaneously. This approach by the AUP aims to enhance density through design, permitting smaller lots and denser residential development when housing designs ensure a satisfactory quality of living and built environment for those lots.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to subdivide NZ?
Subdivision costs often range from $150,000 - $200,000 per lot.
Subdivision costs can be strategically phased to make the development more financially manageable.Reach out to us today to get free advice.